Solutions and Services


Focused range of solutions and services


IoT Solutions
We help clients design solutions to make it easier to automate processes, increase productivity and reduce costs, while improving customer service and the quality of life. We provide an end-to-end modular technology that enables customers to make the pivotal change from unconnected product to connected services offerings.

All-Channel Experience
In the exceptionally evolving digital world, engaging and keeping connected with stakeholders and customers has become more vital than ever before. We are adept at deploying technology to create a connected environment where stakeholder engagement takes place over multiple channels and delivery of a seamless message across all touchpoints is ensured.

Big Data, Analytics & AI
We deploy fine-tuned specialized analytics systems and software to interpret big data and whip up something more meaningful. Powered by big data analytics applications, our team of data scientists read into data for learnings resulting in business solutions and benefits ranging from increased revenue opportunities, higher levels of cost efficiencies , optimised marketing, enhanced customer service and improved operational efficiency.


Product Idea conceptualization
We believe that all digital transformation begins with an idea. Our capabilities involve ideating and conceptualisation of products. Products which serve as tools to catalyse the worlds transition to a smart and connected solutions. Our Product Ideation strategy involves a highly-formalized brain storming process. The process gets together our team of designers, developers, QA, and architects to leverage insights, experiences and ideas keeping the issues and challenges in mind with an objective of incubation of an executable solution which is aligned to business goals

Product Design
We pay detailed attention to the design which is the foundation of a product. Culling out of the vision and giving it shape involves drawing up wireframes, storyboards, user flows, and prototyping. While design planning we address all design and technical challenges, identify any risk areas and plan for them, and create a sound foundation for the product based on cost, timeline, and technology. We deliver product blueprint, complete with the app's architecture.

Product Development
We offer end to end solution services along the journey of product conceptualisation, ideation, design till the of creation and development stage i.e delivery of a "market ready" product. Our product development services entail the complete process of bringing a new product to market. We deep dive into understanding of customer needs and wants, the competitive environment and of the nature of the market represents mitigating risks involving chances of failure.We deploy a robust process management approach to provide a structure product development consistency and to enable continuous improvement. To ensure success we make sure that every new product travels through a series of phases from ideation through design, creation and market introduction.

Application Services

Our enterprise app development services include mobile strategy and consultation to help your enterprise meet its goals. We develop and offer scalable solutions to meet requirements of varied sized enterprises.

IoT Solutions
Our solutions are designed to make it easier to automate processes and business expansion, increase productivity and reduce costs, while improving customer service and the quality of life.

Application Development & Integration / Custom Software Development (CSD)
We undertake product application development services for both internal-facing employee apps and customer facing apps. Our development services include customized services to enterprises based on specific needs, ranging from end-to-end app development to integration involving both native and cross-platform development. We drive our development projects to deliver a solution that best fits your objectives.

Mobile Solutions
The digital transformation is the biggest challenge since the Industrial Revolution. The transformational establishment of a mobile strategy involving usage of mobile applications poses as a mammoth challenge for most companies. Its time businesses realise the potential of mobile business applications and its role as a as a catalyst for digitalization.

Domains of Expertise

Smart Cities / Campuses

We envisage cities and campuses equipped with infrastructure to offer a good quality of life, clean and sustainable environment through application of smart technology. A city where technological solutions can be administered towards the well-being of its citizens. Our inspired team is determined to deploy technology and IoT in the field of infrastructural management with an endeavour to considerable improve areas like water and electricity supply, sanitation and waste management, efficient energy and green building smart meters & management, public information, grievance redressal, efficient urban mobility and public transport, intelligent traffic management system, smart parking, renewable source of energy, robust IT connectivity, e-governance and citizen participation, safety and security of citizens


Our solution provides the best-in-class cloud procurement solution, and innovative business models to help you modernize and grow your business.

Based on organisational process and need analysis we systemise and automate Integrated end-to-end procurement and payment processes along every stage from the initial creation of a requisition to the payment of the final invoice. Our highly-integrated procurement processes and sub-processes involving supplier management, sourcing and contract management aims to deliver value to businesses with benefits of improved process efficiency, Increased organisational effectiveness, better synergistic collaboration with suppliers and vendors and optimal control over costs.

Fleet Management

The ease of getting from one place to another forms an integral part of smart living. Urban population explosion and existing infrastructure set up warrants the interception of technology to envisage and develop an efficient urban mobility and public transport system. A system that not only improves the mode of transport but also intelligently manage the support ecosystem via intelligent traffic management system, traffic analytics, safety measures, transport calamity response, autonomous vehicles, alternative fuels, keyless fleet management, and parking. Our R&D team is dedicated to drive a significant transformation in the field of transportation infrastructure through deployment of technology and IoT driven connectivity.

Technology Focus Areas


Cloud Development

We are adept at Cloud computing as a model for enabling universal access to shared pools of configurable resources such as computer networks, servers, storage, applications and services, which can be rapidly provisioned with minimal management effort, often over the Internet. We help business and individual users with various computing capabilities to store and process data either in a privately-owned cloud, or on a third-party server located in a data center - thus making data-accessing mechanisms more efficient and reliable hereby offering benefits of connectivity, easy live access to data and economy of scales. We are geared to develop and manage cloud computing enabling enterprises to get their applications up and running faster, with improved manageability and less maintenance.

IoT (Internet of Things)

Drawing from the virtually endless opportunities and challenges IoT allows, we have a vision for a connected world and its power to deliver ease and quality of life to its citizens. Our team's experimental minds forever seek innovative means to empower consumers with conveniences based on the power of IoT, leading to a world where everything is connected and better decisions can be made in real time.

Using platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings that integrates IoT devices and infrastructures we enable the inter-networking of physical devices, vehicles, buildings, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity. Thus, further empowering these objects to collect and exchange data,creating opportunities for more direct integration of the physical world into computer-based systems, and resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit in addition to reduced human intervention.

Artificial Intelligence

We develop and embed Artificial intelligence in processes and data analytics to offer solutions leading to more informed and a better living. We are looking at a revolution with a focus on connected citizensin pursuit ofsmart living. We leverage the power of AI to propel enterprise solutions to improve business intelligence, customer engagement, operations and efficiencies through alternatives based on smarter data analytics.


We partner transformation with an endeavour to revitalize enterprise business model or process with the perspective of digital technology. Bringing together people, processes, systems and technology in a seamless fashion, we ensure a fundamental change in the way business is done today. In today's disruptive environment digital transformation is vital to enhance customer experience and derive a competitive edge. We facilitate smooth transition amongst enterprises in adopting new technologies and effectively manage organizational change to create experiences. Our digital transformation strategy is guided by customer-centricity to offer key differentiation in customer experiences, improve business performance by connecting customers and bringing them closer.

Enterprise Integration

Our focused services in enterprise integration involve system interconnection, electronic data interchange, product data exchange and distributed computing environments. We re-engineer enterprise architecture to provide the right information at the right place and at the right time and thereby enable communication between people, machines and computers and their efficient co-operation and co-ordination. Organizations are beginning to become more aware of the need for capturing and managing integration requirements with a focus on optimizing operations and increase business agility by leveraging heterogenous solutions.

Custom Software Development

We offer a full range of custom software development services for a wide variety of verticals and business domains. Our solution building services touch every stage of the software development life cycle, from conceptualization, business analysis and prototyping to the development and deployment of a complete solution. Our endeavour is not only to create custom software but also deliver solutions to your business pain areas ensuring that we meet diverse user needs. We are proud of our domain and technology expertise with capabilities to develop a custom product to delight users. Our UX design and prototyping specialist ensure easy and useable UI across various devices and platforms.